We have SNOW!!

Might not be so unusal BUT we're in southeast TX and it hardly snows here. Last year it did snow in Houston but it was gone b4 8am. About 4 yrs ago we had snow 1x over at my parents' house on Christmas morning but it was gone b4 we got out of bed so we didn't get pics. LOL! But this is exciting, we have snow at our house in early December! So much for that Global warming thing huh?

The girls had said "Mom! It's snowing!" I was in the back room packing up some stuff for our oldest to move out of the house at the time. I yelled for them to wake Emily and grab the camera. So I come running outside and it's like 3-4 flakes. lol

Megan and Aiden arrived 15 min later and are "snowed" So we all went back out to snap some more pictures. No snow showed in the pictures then. But here's Aiden...cute huh?

While Megan was checking her email on John's computer and I was on mine working on this blog post and I looked out the window to see the snow really coming down. Megan got up & opened the door and exclaimed, "MOM! You can HEAR IT!" So that meant another photo op. Haha!

So here's what landed on trampoline...

Remember not to eat the yellow snow...catch it while the snow's coming down...

My #2, anti photo today I guess...but it's not dandruff in her hair!

My oldest holding Aiden while he checks out some snow...

And yes, here's me sans makeup wearing a grubby sweatshirt and my dh's old robe, outside in my yard in public. Gak! At least I have a legit reason for the white in my hair today! And since it's a snow day...I'm thinking I might do those eyebrows LOL Or maybe not...quack!


My first post after a year...

I set up my 'blog' last year in November. I took the time to choose the background and play with settings for awhile. Apparently enough time to not post that day. And I'm awful about coming back to my page, I'm busy. IF I have free time to spend on blogger I read other blogs. lol

So let me jump in and tell you about me & my family:

My husband is John. He works for Harris County (Houston TX) as a Senior Systems Technologist. I'm proud of him, he's good at his job and a well respected 'go-to' man in the industry. He's worked with Department of Homeland Security doing training for them, worked with NASA (his team set up communications for the shuttle crash in 2003), and is on several committees & boards as the chairman. What's that mean? Lots of travel. Lots of time away from us. But sometimes we're lucky and tag along. =)

My oldest daughter is Megan. She's now 19. She's had some issues, still has issues, but is working on them, least I hope so.She'd do well to avoid her Dad because she's so like him sometimes. *sigh* Anyway, she had a baby in May. She got married to the father of the baby and well, I'm not a fan of him. But there they are. But I'm in LOVE with my grandson, Aiden. And I know I'm his favorite. No need to check with anyone on that of course. lol

My next daughter is Samantha, age 16.5. She's all about cars now, I can't keep up on what dream car she wants now and she drives my new truck more than me! She does have a plan on getting her car. She will get a job to buy it herself because she said we don't have the money to buy it. LOL Good plan, but it gets better. She said she is going to live with us and allow us to continue to pay for her food, clothes and makeup. LOL! Stay as long as you want sweetheart!

My third daughter is Mary, age 14. She's my giggly girl. She is the optimist of the bunch for sure. Loves Harry Potter, country music, and reading. She's one of two fashionista kids I have. ALways experimenting with clothes & accessories, styling her hair and playing with makeup looks. She's a risk taker. And a hard worker, at least at other people's houses so I hear LOL

My 4th daughter (and final child) is Emily Marie, age 7. I thought I was finished with babies and I met & married her Daddy (John) It took us 10mos to get preggers with her and what a blessing she is to me. She's funny, sweet yet has some spunk, and is so smart (when she chooses lol).

Now for me. I'm Marchelle. If you're still with me, then you know I'm married, a mom to 4 girls,and a grandma that lives in TX. I'm a stay at home mom that embarked on the homeschool adventure in Dec 2006. Wow, 3 yrs ago already. I used to be in accounting and I can't say I don't miss working sometimes but my husband and I feel that a wife/mother's place is to be at home with the children. It must have been the right choice, within 9mos of me staying home full time jobless & just homeschooling (I worked outside of the home for a few years and then at home telecommuting for another year) that my 3 oldest daughters became Christians. =)

Speaking of being a Christian, I am, he is and they are and we meet with the saints at the Woodland Hills church of Christ in Conroe TX. I was baptized 9 years ago, well in a few days it'll be 9yrs, and it was the most important & best thing I've ever done in my life.

I guess that's it for now. I'll try to post more often...and we'll see if anyone reads or cares LOL