We have SNOW!!

Might not be so unusal BUT we're in southeast TX and it hardly snows here. Last year it did snow in Houston but it was gone b4 8am. About 4 yrs ago we had snow 1x over at my parents' house on Christmas morning but it was gone b4 we got out of bed so we didn't get pics. LOL! But this is exciting, we have snow at our house in early December! So much for that Global warming thing huh?

The girls had said "Mom! It's snowing!" I was in the back room packing up some stuff for our oldest to move out of the house at the time. I yelled for them to wake Emily and grab the camera. So I come running outside and it's like 3-4 flakes. lol

Megan and Aiden arrived 15 min later and are "snowed" So we all went back out to snap some more pictures. No snow showed in the pictures then. But here's Aiden...cute huh?

While Megan was checking her email on John's computer and I was on mine working on this blog post and I looked out the window to see the snow really coming down. Megan got up & opened the door and exclaimed, "MOM! You can HEAR IT!" So that meant another photo op. Haha!

So here's what landed on trampoline...

Remember not to eat the yellow snow...catch it while the snow's coming down...

My #2, anti photo today I guess...but it's not dandruff in her hair!

My oldest holding Aiden while he checks out some snow...

And yes, here's me sans makeup wearing a grubby sweatshirt and my dh's old robe, outside in my yard in public. Gak! At least I have a legit reason for the white in my hair today! And since it's a snow day...I'm thinking I might do those eyebrows LOL Or maybe not...quack!

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